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Animal Eye Medical & Surgical Specialists (AEMSS) helps to preserve your pet’s eyesight while promoting quality veterinary care and affordable specialized medicine.

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Cataracts, Cherry Eye, Glaucoma, and more.


Specialized Veterinary Care in Katy, TX

We understand that your pet is essential to your family and deserves the best. We offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lifetime.

Pet Cherry Eye

Cherry eye occurs when the third eyelid gland slides out of place. There are procedures to tack this gland back into place.

Pet Glaucoma

Glaucoma is increased pressure within the eye or intraocular pressure (IOP).

Pet Corneal Ulcers

The cornea is one of the most innervated parts of the body. Thus, damage to the cornea is excruciating.

Pet Retinal Dysplasia

Retinal dysplasia is the abnormal development of the retina, causing single or multiple folds in retinal tissue.

About Animal Eye Medical & Surgical Specialists

At Animal Eye Medical & Surgical Specialists, we help preserve your pet’s eyesight while promoting quality veterinary care and affordable specialized medicine. Dr. Rainbow utilizes a vast array of state-of-the-art instrumentation, such as slit lamp ophthalmoscopy, electroretinography, ocular ultrasound, and CT imaging, to obtain an accurate diagnosis. We tirelessly strive to attain optimal results for our patients and their owners.

Meet Our Veterinarians & Team

Our veterinarians are committed to working with you as a partner in your pet’s medical treatment because they recognize your pet’s unique place in your family. We treat your pet like how we treat our own. Our highly qualified veterinarians and staff give your four-legged family member the best treatment possible and take great pride in doing so. Moreover, we have a talented group of veterinary specialists and support staff members committed to providing each patient with the most excellent care. Dr. Rainbow, together with our well-trained veterinary staff, ensures our patient’s access to an excellent quality of life through the most advanced medical and surgical treatments of ophthalmic conditions, including corneal ulcers, lid abnormalities, KCS (dry eye), glaucoma, cataracts, lens luxation, ocular trauma, ocular cancers, retinal detachments, and other retinal diseases.

Thank You for Your Kind Words

Your kind words mean the world to us, and we’re so thankful that you’ve taken the time to provide us with feedback.

I brought my almost two-year-old Yorkie to see Dr. Rainbow. They were terrific with Sadie and me. They ended up having to do surgery on her. They were so supportive of me and took excellent care of my baby. Dr. Rainbow answered every question. I made sure I understood everything. The staff was terrific. And we’re so loving to Sadie. She was actually to go back for her follow up. Highly recommend.

- Rita H.