Pet Retinal Hemorrhage

Retinal hemorrhage is bleeding associated with the retinal layer.

What is Retinal Hemorrhage?

Common manifestations include bleeding within the retinal layer (intra-retinal hemorrhage), between the retina and the choroid (sub-retinal hemorrhage), and between the retina and the vitreous (pre-retinal hemorrhage).

What are the clinical signs of retinal detachment?

Clinical signs associated with retinal hemorrhage include obvious bleeding within the eye (hyphema), dilation of the pupil, and blindness. However, in instances in which retinal hemorrhage is more limited, no obvious clinical signs may be present.

What are the causes of retinal hemorrhage?

The common causes of retinal detachment are high blood pressure, trauma, infectious or inflammatory disease, diabetes, and blood clotting abnormalities (coagulopathy).

What are the treatments for retinal hemorrhage?

One can treat retinal hemorrhage by addressing the underlying cause. Once the inciting etiology is controlled, the hemorrhage will resolve, and normal function can be established.